Grow With Us

You are operating an existing business running on a costly and probably slow blockchain. If you want to migrate to a leading Web3.0 platform contact us to see how Dandelion can increase your business’ performance.



“Ludicrously” fast with predictable and low costs compared to all other blockchains. Plus, proven security providing comfort against future attacks.

Supply Chain and Retail

Supply chain and retail solutions especially those that require both private and public network needs .

Digital Assets

Data storage, collectibles, DAOs, and other digital assets can largely benefit from Dandelion's fast and secure transactions.

Identity, Healthcare and Government

Dandelion's impenetrable security is a perfect fit for industries in search for the best security standards in the blockchain space with scale.

Games and Entertainment

There's no blockchain that's more secure and faster than Dandelion! Our architecture gives life to blockchain games and allows them infinite scaling.


Any other distributed solution that doesn’t want to have slow transactions or even moderate transaction costs.


Become a Node Operator

Unlike other networks that are based on Proof-of-Work, Proof-of- Stake, or some other consensus method, Dandelion doesn’t require massive commitments, hardware, or money. In fact, we are looking for partners around the world and want to be part of the next generation of blockchains. If that sounds like you, contact us.

Become an Investor

If you are an Accredited or Institutional investor and want to learn more about our company, how we’re growing, and where we’re heading, contact us.

Build your local community

Dandelion helps you develop your local community with its transaction simplicity. Tap-and-pay, phone-to-phone, card-to-phone, code-to-phone, and internet direct. Empower your local community with lightning-fast and secure blockchain technology.