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Dandelion is an open, scalable, fast and secure platform for decentralized applications. Designed for developers across business and consumer solutions, Dandelion’s Web3 platform transfers at “ludicrous speed” with best-in-class security and operating costs.


Dandelion Web3 Platform

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Dandelion's Leaf mechanism resolves all transaction- related problems by using the patented client-leader paradigm. Experience a lightning-fast consensus on the fastest blockchain yet.


With Dandelion, scaling is not an issue. Our unique Leaf mechanism allows you to build any kind of dApp your users need.


Permissioned networks like Dandelion offer a more secure solution than open ones by restricting access to authorized members only. Dandelion features specific administrative controls in place for managing member roles and permissions to enhance security and allow for streamlined decision-making and efficient operation within the network.

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Our Solutions

Dandelion outperforms all other platforms.* Unlike other platforms, Dandelion maintains its decentralization as its network grows. Through the combination of its unique parallel processing and transfer protocol, the network processes and finalizes globally in under 2 seconds, and at a fraction of the costs of all other distributed ledgers.

*All of this is achieved while maintaining the highest-grade security, tested and designed by market experts.


Launched in early 2022, our platform has been rigorously tested. Our forthcoming mainnet launch and smart contract functionality will provide our developer community libraries and resources to launch future dApp projects on a truly ubiquitous network. Come build today on tomorrow’s network.

Built For Innovation

Designed by innovators for innovators, Dandelion’s platform is robust and easy to use, incorporating the latest and most advanced Web3 tools. Dandelion maintains security and decentralization across both public and permissioned networks, providing seamless interoperation between the two.

Illustrative dApp that Shows the Potential

Dandelion Networks provides companies with fast, reliable, and secure transactions completed in under 1 second! Dandelion is everywhere. From local to global and digital markets, Dandelion helps businesses finalize transactions in record time.

Painless smart contracts with the drag-and-drop editor

Trying to build a storefront, DAO, or your own token? We provide an IDE with prebuilt modules that can be dropped in and connected in a matter of a couple seconds. No expert coding experience needed!

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